Additional benefits

How could this simplify my day to day as a cab driver?

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‘Pay as you use’ helps keeps your expenses low while maximising your earnings

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Get a free home charger if you switch to our fairly priced green electricity partner Octopus Energy (subject to a minimum term)

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All our finance is Sharia-compliant 

How much will I pay and save?

Our pay-per-mile pricing means that you only pay when you are using your taxi. This gives you the flexibility to take a holiday without having the weight of a scheduled payment on your shoulders.

Our pricing calculator creates a personalised quote for your estimated weekly payment, and the savings that you are likely to make on the fuel costs of your existing vehicle.

Please be advised that our quotes are flexible, and we are able to adjust the contracted mileage and target contract duration to best suit your circumstances.

Packages Available

We offer different warranty and service plan options for your new electric vehicle, as well as a free 1-year RAC roadside assistance plan and a free 1-year WiFi subscription.


  • Standard: 3-year / 120,000-mile full vehicle warranty 
  • Extended: 5-year / 150,000-mile full vehicle warranty
  • Extended Plus: 7.5-year / 150,000-mile extended driveline component warranty

All packages include a 5-year / unlimited mileage battery warranty.


  • Optional: 5-year / 150,000-mile service plan

Our Partners

Our partners share our passion for emission free vehicles and breathing cleaner air.

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More questions? Read our FAQs!

Who can I ring to find out more?

You can call us on 07849 084045 between 9am - 6pm from Monday to Friday, or alternatively text us at any time and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Is there a deposit?

Yes. Our deposits vary from £2,000 to £25,000 depending on what best suits your needs. Get in touch to find out more! 

Is there a balloon payment at the end of the contract?


Is a home charger included?

Yes; if the driver switches their home energy supply to our fairly priced green electricity partner Octopus Energy, we will include a free charger with the taxi. (This is subject to the home remaining with Octopus Energy for at least 24 months, or the charger may need to be returned).

But, what if I don't have a driveway?

Don't worry! We are working with technology partners to provide on-street charging solutions. Contact us to find out more.

Can the driver generate income from advertising?


Who owns the vehicle at the start of the contract?

The driver.

Who owns the vehicle at the end of the contract?

The driver.

Is there a minimum mileage required?

Yes, the driver must meet a minimum level of mileage every 6 months from the start of the loan. If not, they will be charged as if they had driven the minimum mileage (with the corresponding mileage deducted from their outstanding miles under contract).

How long does the contract last for?

The contract is for a tailored mileage, therefore it depends on how many miles you drive per year.

For example, if you average 25,000 miles per year and you choose to repay your loan over 150,000 miles, the minimum 6-month mileage is 10,500 miles, which would take just over 7 years to pay back. This duration is tailored to how you use your vehicle.

What kind of warranties and servicing do you offer?

We provide a range of warranties, servicing and road side assistance packages to choose from.

Is this financing Sharia compliant?

Yes, we have full approval by the Islamic Council of Europe. Further details are available on request.